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"Blunt writes with the flashing grace of an ice skater skimming over a frozen pond."

— New York Times Book Review

"It's almost a crime how beautiful Blunt's prose is."

— Quill & Quire

"The pace of Blunt's complex plot develops with increasing intensity, permeated by the lethal eerie winter. . . . a gripping thriller." 

— The Oxford Times

"Confirms his early promise as the leading Canadian crime writer of his generation."

— Birmingham Post

"The Delicate Storm is crime fiction at its best. It's also literature."

— Irish Examiner


The Delicate Storm

When the dismembered corpse of an American tourist turns up half-eaten by bears, Detective John Cardinal is assigned to the case. Then a well-respected local woman is found frozen under a glaze of ice in the woods, and Cardinal realizes that the two very different murders may well be connected.

Working closely with his trusted colleague, Lise Delorme, to whom he feels a dangerous attraction, Cardinal fights his emotions and a relentless ice storm only to uncover a knot of lies and conspiracies that go back more than thirty years and extend to the highest reaches of the Canadian intelligence service.

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