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"By turns funny and touching, No Such Creature is a classic "road" novel and a coming-of-age story. . . . A wonderful tale from a master storyteller."

— The Globe and Mail

"There's something especially captivating about two itinerant actors who steal from Republican dinner parties — staying one step ahead of the law, a group of criminal wild cards called the Subtractors and a born-again, love-crazed ex-cop. Call it a detour de force, if you will." 

— Calgary Herald

"From his first novel to his most recent, Blunt shows he is a writer seeking fresh, unusual situations with unlikely characters and unpredictable plots."

— The Chronicle Herald

"A strange, enthralling, wonderful novel."

— The Vancouver Sun


— The Edmonton Journal


No Such Creature

Every summer Owen and his Uncle Max take a road trip across the United States. They pick a new route, hop in their giant Winnebago, and take in the tourist sites the same as any typical family. What makes them a little less typical: they pull robberies along the way.

Old Max is a master thief, and young Owen’s vacations are actually his apprenticeship in a life of crime. Max is also a wonderful Shakespearean actor, spouting lines and monologues at every turn—and his dramatic gifts come in handy when pulling heists. It all seems like good fun.

But now Max is losing his grip. He’s making mistakes that could turn lethal at any moment, and the road trip—by turns comic and horrifying—soon takes on the qualities of a nightmare as Owen slowly begins to realize that the person he loves most in the world is the one who can do him most harm.

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