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"As good as Canadian crime fiction gets — great characters, a perfect murder setting, solid plotting and great pacing. This series would make a great television series."

— The Globe and Mail

"Although Canadian mystery writers have achieved national and international standing, none are as exceptional, or as original, as Giles Blunt." 
— Telegraph Journal

"A marvellously controlled writer, equally confident with characters and narrative."

— Toronto Star

"Confirms his position among the very best of contemporary thriller writers world-wide."

— The Sherbrooke Record


Crime Machine

A year after the death of his beloved and troubled wife, John Cardinal has moved into a new condo. He has fallen into an easy routine of work on cold cases and platonic movie nights with friend and colleague Lise Delorme. The quiet of a snow-covered Algonquin Bay is shattered when the decapitated bodies of two people are found in a summer home on Trout Lake. The victims, visitors from Russia, are in Algonquin Bay attending the annual fur auction. This is by no means a routine murder investigation as Cardinal soon discovers, but a horrific piece of a very twisted puzzle.

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