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"The most beautifully written, deeply felt page-turner of the year."

— Kirkus

"An emotionally involving and intellectually challenging journey from night into day. . . a fine and moving novel about bereavement."

— Reginald Hill

"Unlike some series authors, Blunt never writes the same book twice."

— The Globe and Mail

"With the latest John Cardinal adventure, Giles Blunt delivers a true heart stopper. . . . a taut, bleak thriller." 

— Edmonton Journal

“A poignant literary work . . . a great book from a writer at the top of his form.” 

— Calgary Herald

By the Time You Read This

The Fields of Grief (UK title)

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By the Time You Read This

The Fields of Grief (UK title)

Photographer Catherine Cardinal's fatal fall from a high building is ruled an act of suicide. She has a history of depression, a note in her handwriting is found and her psychiatrist is not surprised. Even her husband, John Cardinal, begins to accept this conclusion—until vicious notes appear, taunting him for his loss, and it seems she may have been murdered. Driven by grief and guilt, Cardinal launches his own investigation, helped by his reluctant colleagues. He revisits his past, searching for a suspect among his previous arrests. Someone with a grudge, a person twisted enough to target his innocent wife in revenge. But could he be looking in the wrong place? The mystery deepens when he uncovers a spate of tragic suicides, leading him to investigate a startling new possibility. . . .

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